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The audiosense AQ7 Earphones – Hybrid Driver Flagship

The AQ7 earphones are audiosense’s flagship in ear monitors that feature both balanced armature technology alongside a dynamic driver.

By building on the solid foundations of their more accessible AQ3 earphones, the AQ7 adds a further 3 balanced armatures for added sonic performance. Their 4 way crossover and built in ported filter makes the AQ7 a fantastic flagship offering, creating a tremendous soundstage and an articulate sonic signature.

The AQ7 uses twin Knowles balanced armatures for ultra high frequencies, and another pair for the mid range vocals. The last set of armatures are used for the bass response, making it textured, layered and deep. For extra bass heft, they have included a 10mm titanium dynamic driver for coverage of the very extreme low frequencies.

The enclosures have been crafted using high precision, DLP, quasi-industrial 3D printing with medical grade resin. By 3D printing the enclosures, audiosense are able to reliably produce earphones that are comfortable in the ear and offer amazing isolation. The design of the AQ7 was produced by taking impressions of thousands of ears and gaining an average size and contour. This also helped in making the AQ7 a comfortable earphone to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Supplied with the AQ7 is an 8 core, single crystal copper cable that offers good flexibility and minimal harmonics. The 3.5mm jack termination enables AQ7 to be used on a variety of sources and the 13ohm load at 110dB sensitivity means that it will be adequately driven even from a smartphone.

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1.25m SCC Cable with 3.5mm Termination

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