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Since being introduced to the Lark Studios brand I was massively impressed. From the outset the presentation of the ultra high quality, resin earphones demonstrates a massive degree of craftsmanship. The hand made, bespoke, LSIV is Lark Studio’s second earphone offering to arrive to market and is furnished with 4 precision balanced armature drivers to create another incredible earphone. It has quad balanced armature drivers in each ear and provides phenomenal clarity and musicality, much better than anything from other brands at double the price.

The LSIV is actually our best value earphone and is the perfect entry level product for anyone wanting to step away from apple earphones or any other freely provided earphone. The IV has a cleaner sound than any of the lower end Shure range and features a more forward vocal presentation. Helping you to become completely enveloped in the music that you love and enjoy so much.

The comfort is better than most earphones currently on the market as the ergonomically shaped body of the IV perfectly sits inside your ear, meaning that running and vigorous exercise can be executed with ease as the earphone stays securely in place.

A number of clients have chosen to complete their solution by adding the awesome ACTIVO CT10 as the powerhouse behind the LSIV. This offers the perfect high resolution music solution for at home, at work or on the go. The balance between the CT10’s warm analogue sound and the LSIV’s neutral stance make for a very inviting pairing that will leave you wanting to listen to more music, longer.

Unlike the IV’s bigger brother the LSX, the LSIV is a neutral balance rather than a warm sound. The LSX comes with a high quality copper cable and as standard the IV arrives with a high quality silver plated copper cable to enhance the treble extension and create a greater impact from the high energy frequencies from your music.

As a completely bespoke offering, you also get the chance to choose how your earphone will look. The LSIV is one of the cheapest earphones in the world to be able to offer full customisation options, enabling you to create earphones completely unique to you.


Weight 1 kg

Lark Studios




Driver Count


Driver Configuration

1 Low + 1 Mid + 1 High + 1 Super Tweeter

Enclosure Material


Audio Range


15 Ohm

Product Weight


Google Product Name

Lark Studios LSIV

Bespoke Design

Once you place your order for the LARK STUDIOS LSX earphone we will contact you to discuss your bespoke earphone preferences so that we make sure we get it right for you.

Lark Studios Bespoke Shell Colour
Lark Studios Faceplace Options
Lark Studios Bespoke FaceplateColour
Lark Studios Bespoke Special Finish

What Is Included

  • High quality silver plated copper cable
  • 3.5 to 6.5 Jack
  • Aviation Adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wiping Cloth


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