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It isn’t very often that Audio Concierge have a pair of headphones added to the portfolio but we feel the HAMT3 II are well worth the addition. The Taiwanese made oBravo headphone provides clients with a sonic experience that you will be unable to get with any other brand thanks to its patented technology and unique design


Offering patented technology in the form of an AMT or Air Motion Transformer driver the HAMT3 II is able to deliver a range of frequencies up to five times faster than a traditional solution. Where a single driver or multi driver dynamic can deliver a single frequency at any one moment, the 40mm AMT can support up to five times that number of frequencies due to its incredible speed and efficiency. This gives way to an enormous amount of detail and resolution from even the most complex of music pieces. Accompanying the AMT technology is a 50mm neodymium dynamic driver to provide greater texture and detail to bass frequencies.

Using various materials in construction can drastically change the sonic signature of a headphone or earphone. oBravo experimented with a material that was native to Taiwan and has been used for hundreds of years in various ways. The Taiwanese Acacia wood provides a gorgeous warm tone to the overall sound signature and has been used in the HAMT3 II to encapsulate the driver units. This heat treated acacia has a very distinctive sonic character and is used to give a stunning natural sound to the headphones.


The HAMT3 II has a huge 50mm neodymium dynamic driver alongside the advanced, patented AMT driver in a coaxial design. The luxury alcantara earpads provide a soft cushion for your ears that enables prolonged listening sessions without fatigue or perspiration issues.

The headband is somewhat of a well used, traditional design and provides great support across the head. The soft cushion attached offers further comfort where the pressure of the headband acts upon the top of the head.

The gun metal earcups are held to the headband using a simple to adjust yoke that makes it easy to adjust whilst the headphones are positioned on the head. Cables can be connected using an ultra high frequency screw type SMC-K connector. This type of connector is used for a stable connection and also for optimum bandwidth.


The unique design of the HAMT3 II enables users themselves to tune their headphones just how they like them. There are a number of open port holes inside the earcups that can be adjusted in order to change the overall frequency response and sonic signature of the headphone. The more port holes that are open the more bass the headphones will emit. Slowly adjusting the holes so that less are open will reduce the bass impact and enable further detail to be more vivid.


As unique is the design of the oBravo HAMT3 II so too is the sound. The easy way to describe them is that you are listening to portable full size speakers. The dynamic range and impactful bass provides you with a real sense that you are listening to a loudspeaker. This is something many headphone manufacturers just cannot accomplish but oBravo have somehow managed to achieve it. Much like their earphone counterparts the new HAMT3 II has a strong following of fans who crave that sound signature from a headphone and are truly enamored with it.


Often the purpose of having headphones is so that you can travel with them. The HAMT3 II are packaged with a bespoke hard shell case that enables you to travel easily with your headphones and prevent them from getting scratched so easily. When you purchase these headphones you also get an array of cables to connect the HAMT3 II to your favourite sources. As standard the SMC-K connectors of the headphones screw into the provided high quality OCC cable with a 4 pin balanced XLR connector at the other end. There are also then adapters available that enable you to convert that XLR4 to a 3.5mm jack. You will have the ability to connect to a wide variety of headphone amplifiers, portable players or even smart phones. The adapters have been specially designed with utmost quality in mind and have been made using high quality gold plated brass connectors to help prevent any unwanted vibrations. No headphone manufacturer is currently offering such high quality cable with a range of adapters available for their headphones apart from oBravo.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 20 cm





Open Back, Over Ear





Driver Count


Driver Configuration

1 AMT + 1 Neodymium Dynamic

Audio Range


32 Ohm



Product Weight



1.2m cable with XLR4 connector, XLR4 to 3.5mm adapter
Optional – XLR4 to 6.34mm adapter, XLR4 to 2.5mm adapter, XLR4 to 4.4mm adapter

Google Product Name

oBravo HAMT3 II

What Is Included

  • Case: Shell case with handle
  • Cable : 1.2m OCC cable, ending with an XLR4 connector | XLR4 to 3.5mm Jack adapter
  • Tuning Kit
  • Alacantara Earpads


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