Anole V14

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The QDC Anole V14 – 14 Driver Hybrid Earphone

QDC must be one of the best known manufacturers of earphones in Asia and Audio Concierge are privileged to be able to offer them to clients seeking stellar sonic performance. The Anole V14 is their current flagship model as of March 2021 and features an incredible 10 balanced armature drivers in each earpiece alongside 4 electrostatic drivers.

We felt that the Anole V14 performs best from sources using balanced output due to the added current available. The Anole V14 is delivered wiith a high quality cable with adapters that can change the termination between 3.5m, 2.5mm or 4.4mm.

Benefiting from a custom developed crossover, the Anole V14 earphone can be finely tuned to your musical preference, offering a huge number of different sound tunings that you can adjust until you are 100% happy with them. The ergonomic shape means that they fit comfortably inside the ear and offer an amazing fit for hours upon hours of listening with little fatigue. In total there are 16 different modes of sound signature that you can tune to your personal preference.

After two years of research and development, the latest flagship headphones of qdc, Anole
V14 is available. As the new customized low frequency driver, the ultra-low frequency performance of V14 ismuch better than that of the previous flagships headphone, and that is a new breakthrough
achieved in the ultra-low frequency response. The new customized electrostatic drivers are
adopted which expands UHF to 50 khz and greatly improves the sensitivity of the EST drivers. So
this solves the hard driving problem of the electrostatic drivers after long usage.

The panel is made of 3D fluorescent material: After absorbing ultraviolet light or sunlight, it will change into green light, just like an “Anole” at the night. The shell is made of colorful flashes and laser gilt inlay
technology, adding an elegant style.

We feel that the Anole V14 is among the best earphones currently available on the market. Our preference would be to choose the Anole V14 with the award winning Cayin N6ii for a solution that you can enjoy for years without feeling the need or want to change.


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2.5mm Balanced + 3.5mm Adapter, 4.4mm Balanced, Sterling Silver 4.4mm Balanced

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