Mentor V3

12 Drivers
“Dreamweaver” Design
Adjustable Bass
“Dual Tone” Cable


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We feel that the Mentor V3 earphone offers a great sound that really excels in musicality and sound stage. The beauty of their adjustable bass means that they can be tuned to your liking and provides a greater bass punch if that is your preference. The Mentor V3 produces a more relaxed sound than their bigger brother the Mason V3, focusing more on being fun and enjoyable than showing up every detail of a poor recording.

Their build quality is exceptional and the “Dreamweaver” shell design is truly unique making you aware that you own a very special earphone.

Their cable can be adjusted to use different conductors in order to drastically change the sound of the earphone. The cable has both high purity copper and high purity silver conductors and you can chose which you would like to use simply be altering the way you connect the cable to the earphone. Unique Melody call this their “Dual Tone” cable and it provides a very clever way of getting a sound closer to what you enjoy. This may be very useful if you listen to a large collection of different music genres across the spectrum, going from classical up to drum n bass, the change of conductor will alter the presentation of the sound, pushing different sections of the music to you more than others.

Weight .7 kg

Unique Melody


Driver Count


Driver Configuration

4 low+2 lower mid+2 upper mid+4 high

Enclosure Material


Audio Range




22 Ohm




2 Years

Google Product Name

Unique Melody Mentor V3

What Is Included

  • Separate 8-Core Single-Crystal Copper and Silver “Dual-Tone” Cable
  • Titanium Matte or Gloss Storage Case
  • Warranty Card
  • Comply™ Eartips : S/M/L
  • Silicone Eartips : S/M/L/XL
  • Magnetic Earphone Clip (MEC)
  • Cleaning Kit

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