iFi Audio Four gain settings for perfect power matching XSpace setting for improved soundstage. Balanced symmetrical dual-mono design. Balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn output option.


iFi Audio 20 dB better performance. up to eight paired Bluetooth source devices. Future codecs can be added OTA Supports all the latest 24-bit/96kHz


iFi Audio 16-core chip 20 dB better performance MQA rendering technology supports PCM and DXD to 32-bit/384kHz


iFi Audio Three dedicated stage Full MQA decoding State-of-the-Art, Ultra-Res digital technology. Advanced 96kHz Bluetooth 5.1 +module with QCCS100 chipset.


iFi Audio Now with full MQA decoding! New 16-core XMOS chip. Upgraded crystal clock. as original Hip Dac (case not included)


iFi Audio Pure DAC-only dedicated performance. 20 dB better noise reduction High-performance components. Fully symmetrical dual-mono design.

From £595.00

Vertere Silver/Tin Plated Custom Lengths RCA & XLR Double Shielded


CAYIN Upgrade Board N6 ii Compatible Dual PCM1792 DACs 530mW Output


CAMPFIRE AUDIO Alloy MMCX Terminations 1.2 Metre Unbalanced/Balanced Silver Plated Copper




Patented丨Unique Melody – MEXT

Dynamic and Extraordinary give you an instant shock via new technique of bone conduction

MEXT, a new high-performance product, is being launched by UM after years of technical research and development. The MEXT provides revolutionary breathtaking experience with the new bone conduction technology. With the combination of dynamic, balanced armature, and OBC coil bone conduction drivers, MEXT can deliver sound through both air transmission and bone conduction,

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IFI AUDIO 4.4mm Balanced Output MQA Capable Turbo Mode iE Match Mode


ASTELL&KERN Hybrid Technology Knowles Drivers True Wireless AptX Codec

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