About Astell & Kern

The South Korean brand pretty much invented the luxury, high-end portable player market over night. To date they still manufacturer some of the best music players available.

Flagship Technology

Priding themselves on always being at the cutting edge of technological achievements, Astell & Kern spend a large sum of money on research and development. This enables them to create market leading music players that provide incredible functionality, stunning sound and exceptional build quality






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Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern

Our Thoughts

I began to deal with the incredible Astell & Kern way back in 2013 when they initially launched the now legendary AK100. This tiny portable music player was the first real “high end” player and it certainly set the bar for other brands to try and follow.

Think of Astell & Kern as the difference between Toyota and Lexus. A&K are the luxury hardware arm of South Korean company iRiver. They produce many portable players under the iRiver branding, however the Astell&Kern products are the prestige, luxury brand and the show stoppers.

Astell & Kern continued to set the trend since their UK inception in 2012 and I have heard every incarnation and model they have produced since the initial AK100. As they release more products they continually strive to improve on their previous releases and always manage to accomplish it.

A&K really are the luxury portable player brand and provide one of the greatest interfaces for anyone to easily and quickly navigate to the music they want and start listenting.

Astell & Kern Products

A selection of some amazing Astell & Kern products that are included in our carefully curated portfolio


3.5mm Output
Metal Shell
Convenient Size

From £1,399.00

ASTELL&KERN Bluetooth Streaming Expandable Audio Boards Upto 21Hrs Playback TIDAL Streaming


ASTELL&KERN 512GB Storage Expandable Storage Octo Core Processor TIDAL Streaming


ASTELL&KERN 4.4mm Balanced Output Expandable Storage Aluminium Body TIDAL Streaming


ASTELL&KERN 128GB Storage Expandable Storage Quad Core Processor TIDAL Streaming

From £649.00

ASTELL&KERN Onyx Black Expandable Storage Upto 21Hrs Playback TIDAL Streaming