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I have been enjoying Chord Electronics products for over 15 years and have always had the desire to own one myself someday. My interest in Chord Electronics peaked with the monumental launch of the original Hugo digital converter and headphone amplifier. Chord had instantly gone from producing exceptional products, to being way ahead of the curve in terms of portable audio reproduction. Their little battery powered device rewrote the portable audio book in my mind. A digital converter with Rob Watts’ outstanding self written FPGA code made their Hugo something of an instant legend. It was now super easy to power some of the hardest headphones around whilst on-the-go. Using it at work or when commuting the Hugo could fit the bill anywhere. I had to have one myself and still enjoy it to this day.

Technology was moving exceptionally fast after the initial launch of Hugo and Chord Electronics were not becoming complacent with their award winning product. Soon they had something extra special to announce and this was when Mojo was shared with the public at a special launch in The Shard in London. A product launch that I was exceptionally happy to be at. Chord had done it again and rewritten their own portable audio book by producing an amazing battery powered converter and headphone amplifier only slightly bigger than a pack of playing cards. This tiny item stole the show in the headphone and portable audio arena and quite rightly so. Perfect for bolting onto your mobile phone or perfect next to your laptop, it was a true wonder. Once this had been announced, yet again I had to have my own personal unit that I could love and enjoy. Now I have the Hugo at home and often travel with MoJo.

Chord Electronics Hugo 2

Chord Electronics

Hugo 2 – Black

CEO: John Franks
Website:Chord Electronics Official Site

Chord are still way ahead of the curve with the introduction of their Poly mobile streaming unit and soon to be released 2go for their Hugo2.

Chord continue to be in my opinion, best in class and by a long way. The introduction of their desktop versions, with their Hugo TT, TT2, MScaler etc all help to cement their worth within the headphone arena and a big reason why we are honoured to offer their products to our clients. We recommend Chord Electronics products to drive all our headphones and earphones unless you desire an all in one player.  

Chord Electronics Products

Chord Electronics
Chord Electronics