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Campfire Audio M23

HiFi Audio
Purification System
Dual Power Supply System
Desktop Mode

Campfire Audio M23

HiFi Audio
Purification System
Dual Power Supply System
Desktop Mode

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FiiO M23 Portable High Resolution Music Player

AKM flagship DAC combination AK4191EQ+AK4499EX

Like the Q15 and K9 AKM, the M23 utilizes the flagship AKM DAC combo – AK4191EQ+AK4499EX. It is a new design that totally separates the digital and analogue portions and also features the “DWA ROUTING technology” to further improve the signal-to-noise ratio. These technologies allow for a purer audio background and for higher resolution audio – resulting in a relaxed yet natural sound.

Patented desktop mode activated with one click

For the first time on FiiO players, the M23 features a switch specifically to toggle desktop mode (D.MODE). When desktop mode is activated, the M23 is completely powered by an external power source. The built-in battery will neither be charged nor discharged, which ensures the M23 can be used as desktop equipment without fear of damaging the battery.

Independent Type-C power port – unlimited power

On the M23 are two USB Type-C ports, one of which is dedicated to accepting power only (POWER IN). When this dedicated power Type-C port is connected to fast charging, the Super High Gain Mode can be activated for more gain and more output power. In this mode,  the output power can reach up to 1000mW + 1000mW per channel, making the M23 better suited for pushing high-impedance headphones. While in this mode, the other Type-C does not consume any power therefor making it suitable to connect the M23 to a phone for use as a USB DAC.

New THX AAA 78+ headphone amp design – truly balanced 8-way parallel amplification

The THX AAA 78 headphone amplifiers used in M11 Pro and M11 Plus have been widely praised by audiophiles around the world. After several years of continuing to refine the design, we introduced the THX AAA 78+ amplifier architecture in the M23. It allows for greater power output with high fidelity, resulting in powerful sound reproduced with extreme accuracy.

High calibre HiFi audio architecture – 4 gain levels

The M23 have a high-calibre audio architecture consisting of DAC, I/V, LPF, voltage amplification, and parallel amplification stages. Responsible for handling the I/V and LPF stages are 2 low-noise and high-precision OPA1612 op-amps. The voltage amplification is taken care of by 2 low-noise and high-bandwidth OPA1662 op-amps. Together, these op-amps ensure audio signals are accurately played back at ample power outputs so that a huge variety of headphones and IEMs can work well with the player, which can be further better dialled in thanks to the four levels of gain.

High calibre HiFi components – flowing with quality

The I/V, LPF, and THX amp parts of the audio circuit utilize a large number of high-precision film resistors.

The LPF section specifically employs 8 Panasonic film capacitors. Together, the capacitors ensure a highly detailed and also highly stable sound, as they help to make the left and right channels’ output as well as the output of each frequency band more consistent.

4-stage 20-rail power supply for accurate and consistent sound

FiiO’s great experience in designing portable HiFi audio player power supplies is in full show on the M23. With a four-stage and 20-smaller rail power supply, the M23 is fully equipped with a robust power supply, that provides a solid foundation for both the analogue and digital portions of the audio circuit.

Independent digital and analogue power supplies

Having independent digital and analogue power supplies offers the best of both worlds – digital audio is handled more accurately while analogue audio remains pure for an overall better sound.

 Analogue audio power supply

The analogue audio power supply not only has separate rails for the DAC, small signal amplification and large amplification parts, but also employs four stages of power processing –  OVP, adaptive voltage stabilization, high-efficiency voltage boosting, π filtering, and LDOO voltage stabilization. All in all this means that the portable M23 has a power supply design comparable to those of desktop equipment.

Digital audio power supply – 28 high-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors

Among the M23’s DAC, I/V, LPF, and THX amp power sections are 28 high-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors that store large reserves of energy to be unleashed when needed – to ensure a robust power supply and ultimately powerful sound.

Dual-mode fast charging – safe 30W charging

The M23 employs a dual-mode fast-charging system that utilises extreme fast charging + normal fast charging. At a lower battery state of charge, extremely fast charging is used to safely allow for up to 30W charging speeds.  When the battery gets close to a full state of charge, the M23 switches to slightly slower normal fast charging, which allows for greatly improved charging times while still maintaining battery health.

Large 5500mAh battery – durability incarnate

Specially selected low-resistance fast-charging batteries that employ high-temperature resistant material are paired with technologies such as low-resistance MOS protection boards to ensure the batteries will last a long time.

DAPS Digital Audio Purification System – global original sampling rate output

The DAPs (Digital Audio Purification System) as featured on the M23 consists of both FiiO-developed HiFi audio core that bypasses the original Android version plus a low-jitter clock co-processor. Together the system not only provides a unified high-precision, low-jitter clock source but also ensures that the original sampling rate of the audio stream (both PCM and DSD) is preserved no matter if you are using FiiO Music, third-party apps, USB DAC mode, etc. By avoiding audio resampling, you can be sure the audio is that much closer to its original intent.

Global PEQ adjustment –  global ALL TO DSD

The 10-band PEQ with FiiO’s proprietary tuning algorithm can be used in any operating mode. Through an intuitive interface, users can adjust the EQ’s frequency point, gain, bandwidth, and Q value- allowing users to fine-tune or even correct the headphone’s frequency response curve exactly to their taste. Additionally, users can activate the ALL TO DSD function in any operating mode, allowing them to more easily experience the beauty of audio in different formats.

6 operating modes – 6 smooth experiences

On the M23 you can use different operating modes: Roon Ready*, Android, Pure Music, Bluetooth, and AirPlay – all of which you can switch between quickly letting you enjoy your music the way you want. But its powerful abilities don’t stop there – the M23 can also stream music over DLNA by retrieving music from NAS, local networks, and cloud servers through UPNP/SMB/WebDav.

*Roon Ready certification is currently in progress. Please stay tuned for further official updates from FiiO.

Classic shape, timeless and durable

The 5.5-inch high-definition display with a golden ratio of 18:9 provides a comfortable look and feel. Keeping FiiO’s classic hexagonal honeycomb shape design with three-dimensional cuts and clear edges. Aluminium alloy and stainless steel versions are available, and the exquisite textured appearance of different materials is immediately apparent upon first use. Both the dark blue and silver body come with an electroplated tempered glass panel on the back.

All ports on the player are reinforced with specially designed metal pieces, ensuring they are durable and allow for reliable connections.

The battery compartment is made of stainless steel allowing for a good heat dissipation, and is strong and stable. The DAC and headphone amplifier sections are isolated and shielded from each other into their own zones – leading to reduced crosstalk and reduced external interference for purer sound.


  • Flagship Combination AK4191EQ+AK4499EX
  • 4-Channel THX AAA 78+ amplifier
  • 1000mW High Power Full-Chain HiFi Audio Architecture
  • Third-Generation DAPS Digital Audio Purification System
  • Dual Power Supply System for Desktop/Portable Use 30W Super Fast Charging
  • Brand New Android 12 System | Built-in Desktop Mode
  • Gain Modes: Low / Medium / High / Super-High
  • Headphone Outputs: 3.5mm (Single-ended) / 4.4mm (Balanced)
  • Line Outputs: Yes (3.5mm (Single-ended) / 4.4mm (Balanced)
  • Coaxial Output: Yes (3.5mm)
  • Bluetooth (Receive): SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX Adaptive, LDAC
  • Bluetooth (Transmit): SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC
  • Display: 5.5″ 720 x 1440 (18:9 Ratio)
  • RAM/ROM: 4GB/64GB
  • Audio Support: PCM up to 384kHz/24-Bit, Native DSD256
  • MQA Support: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 5500mAh,  Battery Life: 10.5 Hours (Full Charge)
  • Dimensions: 136.5 x 75.7 x 18.1 mm
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