Epitome of Bespoke

The Lark, as you are aware is a bird with an often extravagant song whilst in flight. Much like Lark Studio’s the sound is beautiful and their gorgeous shell designs mimic the many different colours and shades seen on the bird..

I often get sent a countless amount of earphones and headphones to try and not many meet my high and exacting standards to be included in our portfolio. If they are just another earphone then it’s unlikely they will be included.

When Lark Studio contacted me I was initially impressed by the fact that they made bespoke universal earphones that didn’t change price if you wanted a different colour combination..

The ergonomic design made it look like a custom earphone that was molded to your ear and looked super comfortable. I had to try out their LSX version and see how it sounded with it’s 10 balanced armature Knowles drivers.

Upon first listen it was instant gratification.The Lark Studio’s had won me over after just 5 minutes of listening.  The sound is fun and resolving with oodles of lush bass that washes through the soundscape effortlessly.

Lark Studios LSX

Lark Studios


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As a new company I see Lark Studios doing exceptionally well and doing it very fast, The ability for a client to customise their earphones to their liking. Get great comfort without having to deal with ear moulds and manage to achieve  a really good sound makes their initial offering a real winner in every way. As the brand continues to evolve expect to see more exciting products from their stable, however opting for their LSX earphone is a great way to be involved.

Lark Studio Headphones

Lark Studios