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12 Drivers
4 Way Configuration
3D Prrinted Technology
Balanced Termination


12 Drivers
4 Way Configuration
3D Prrinted Technology
Balanced Termination

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Aroma Audio ACE is a real gem in the premium in-ear headphones market. The model is the result of many years of research and development. The accumulation of an in-depth understanding of technology and sound has produced a flagship level earphone. Using twelve balanced armature drivers in a 4-way design each earphone contains four ultra-low frequency, four mid-low frequency, two high frequency, and two ultra-high frequency drivers. They are designed with a 4-way crossover, and are matched using a 3D printed 3-hole tube. Effectively this helps eliminate much of the unnecessary sound interference. A small dip switch (module) is set into each of the earphones, and provides 4 preset music listening preferences that are available for the users to select.


Aroma Audio ACE Earphone

The ACE is an in-ear headphones that the Aroma Audio R&D team has been working on for a long time. After many months, the company decided to use 12 transducers to provide the sonic performance they had been in search of:

  • proprietary single dynamic driver with a 9.2 mm diaphragm, which is responsible for the reproduction of low tones;
  • 4 selected armature drivers that reproduce ultra low frequencies
  • 4 chosen balanced armature drivers for mid-low frequencies
  • 2 balanced armature drivers dedicated to high frequencies
  • 2 specifically selected balanced armature drivers for ultra-high frequencies.

Aroma Audio has prepared a 4-way design (with 3 sound tubes), thanks to which an extremely coherent sound has been achieved. The ACE model manages to bring out the potential of each individual transducers, which improves the clarity and detail of the sound.

Beautiful and comfortable Aroma Audio ACE enclosures

Aroma Audio ACE earphones are distinguished by elegant housings that are handcrafted from high-quality acrylic resin. They have translucent red domes and stylish front panels that evoke jewels and precious stones. The housings are lightweight and additionally have been specially profiled, thanks to which they rest comfortably in the channels and can be used comfortably for many hours.

High quality headphone cable for ACE

Aroma Audio Jewel are offered as standard with a high-quality cable, which was prepared especially for this model. It has eight concentric strands – a layer of silver-plated copper foil surrounds a high-purity silver-plated copper conductor. The cable is also characterized by resistant insulation and a high-quality 2.5mm, 3.5m or 4.4 mm, (balanced) plug.

ACE  balanced mode

In the balanced mode, the music expression is magnetic, full mid-frequency vocol, the instrument’s positioning and presence are outstanding, and the excellent horizontal sound field brings amazing musiclistening enjoyment.

King  vocal mode

The vocal position is relatively forward, the purpose is to highlight the delicate smoothness of the vocal, and to restore the performance with the instrumental accompaniment. The singer’s feelings and singing skills, the sound field is relatively small compered to onder modes, exclusive solo type turning.

Queen  high frequency mode

Improving the brightness and clarity of the sound can accurately represent the overtones of the instrument, and at the same time can make people feel rich in treble.

Jack  low frequency mode

The sense of low frequency volume has been significantly improved and full of flexibility. It will not overwhelm the mid-high frequency, and the lateral sound field is a bit wider. You can feel like the scene which is listening in the concert.

High quality accessories for Aroma Audio ACE

Aroma Audio adds to ACE not only a great headphone cable, but also a leather case for carrying the headphones and a set of high-quality silicone covers (sizes S, M and L). The whole set is placed in a unique box that has a magnetic closing mechanism.

Aroma Audio ACE technical specification

  • drivers: 12,4 x BA (Ultra Low), 4 x BA (Mid-Low), 2 x (BA High), 2 x BA (Ultra High)
  • crossover: 4-way
  • frequency response: 10Hz – 22kHz
  • impedance: 22Ω @ 1kHz
  • efficiency: 103 dB @ 1 mW
Additional information

Aroma Audio



Enclosure Material


0.78 2pin

Driver Configuration

1 x Dynamic + 6 x Blanced Armature + 6 Electrostatic, 4 x Balanced Armature + 4 Balanced Armature + 2 x Balanced Armature + 2 x Balanced Armature

Source Termination

2.5mm Balanced, 3.5mm, 4.4mm Balanced


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