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If you own the incredible Cayin N6 II portable audio player then you are able to completely replace the audio motherboard with a different unit in order to change the overall sound signature of the player. The E01 is designed around the ESS-9038PRO DAC chipset from ESS TEchnologies. Each Audio Motherboard deploys 8 channel DAC chipset in differential current output. The fully differential amplification circuit compromise of 8 channels I/V Converter.

E01 is a remarkable implementation of the ESS9038PRO DAC chips. Providing a unique sonic signature unlike the previous A01 or T01 boards. The ESS DAC has impressive resolution whilst providing amazing musicality and soundstage.

E01’s core design architecture consists of three parts, namely:

1. The DAC uses an ES9038PRO chip. The eight-channel DAC is output in differential current mode, and the eight channels are connected in parallel to one channel, followed by IV conversion.

2. The headphone power amplifier circuit is constructed by discrete components. It uses a low-noise audio special junction field effect transistor and a transistor, which has strong current output capability and load control capability.

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