USB C Male
Lightning Connector
10 cm Length
Mojo 2 Compatible


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The amazing MFi09S cable is an incredibly versatile product that is the ideal partner for the lightning output of your iOS device. The MFi09S pairs with external DACs such as Chord’s MoJo 2. The tiny form factor means that it can quite easily slide inside a jean pocket attached to your phone and benefit from enhanced sonic performance from your music apps. The MFi09S is a substantial upgrade to the MFi06 with it’s high quality conductors and gorgeous new connectors. This cable can easily replace the cumbersome and annoying Apple Camera Connection Kit that is the stable accessory for anyone currently connecting an external DAC to their iDevice.

Noticeable Sound Quality Improvement

We usually use our iphone or ipad as the music player and output. the signal to the DAC & Amplifier via USB data cable. If the voltage islow and the current is small, will the role of the cable become less important.Now with the release of the new Nyx series data cable, the improvement is obvious.

Double Shielded Data Cable Structure

For the Nyx series data cable, we developed a double-shielded parallel structure to shield current and data transmission respectively. They are also differentiable in appearance: the pore silver shielding outer layer is the power transmission part and the mixed silver and black shielding outer layer is the data transmission part. Signal transmission is more stable.

High Quality Insulation Layer

DDHIFI MFi09S adopts NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan) inner insulation and High Transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA) outer insulation. While the data part is made of high purity Litz oxygen-free copper and Litz silver plated over LCOFC material. The power part is made of Litz silver plated over LCOFC material. It’s of high quality and supreme performance.

Compact and Neat Design

DDHIFI MFi09S weights only about 13g, as light as a feather. The overall length is about 10cm. You can easily put it into your pocket or bag and carry it anywhere. The compact and easy to storage design make it a gadget on-the-go.

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