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Since being introduced to the Lark Studios brand I was massively impressed. From the outset the presentation of the ultra high quality, resin earphones demonstrates a massive degree of craftsmanship. The hand made, bespoke, LSX or Lark Studios Ten for 10 drivers is an incredible earphone. It has a large number of balanced armature drivers in order to cover the audible frequency range, however it is how it has been implemented that stands out amongst all other earphones at this price bracket.

The LSX is first and foremost a really fun earphone to listen to. It has a gorgeously smooth sound with sensational and sensuous vocals, perfect for female voices and to be completely honest the sound is insanely good through all genres of music. With a large offering of bass, the LSX is quite a warm sounding earphone, however the impressive implementation of the 10 drivers enables the voices to still remain exceptionally clear and precise. The midrange very often gets a little lost when you have an earphone with such a generous offering of bass such as the LSX but this earphone is an exception to that rule.

This standard offering of the LSX is delivered with a very high quality Rhapsodio copper cable that provides a slightly more bassy presentation than its Splendor sibling that comes with the PWAudio cable.

As a completely bespoke offering, you also get the chance to choose how your earphone will look. To be able to offer full customisation for this price is simply amazing and will make your special earphones completely unique to you. The very well thought out, ergonomic design of this earphone makes it one of the most comfortable in our entire portfolio and it certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the competition at this price.


Weight 1 kg

Lark Studios




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Driver Configuration

3 Bass + 4 x Midrange + 2 Treble + 1 Super Tweeter

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Audio Range





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Google Product Name

Lark Studios LSX

Bespoke Design

Once you place your order for the LARK STUDIOS LSX earphone we will contact you to discuss your bespoke earphone preferences so that we make sure we get it right for you.

Lark Studios Bespoke Shell Colour
Lark Studios Faceplace Options
Lark Studios Bespoke FaceplateColour
Lark Studios Bespoke Special Finish

What Is Included

  • Outer Packaging
  • 1 Pair Lark Studios LSX Earphones
  • 1.2m Rhapsodio Earphone Cable – 3.5mm
  • Eartips Small, Medium, Large including Comply™ and Spinfit™
  • Leather Case
  • Leather Carry Pouch
  • Sports Band
  • Cleaning Flannel
  • Cable Strap
  • Airline Adapter
  • 6.3mm Adapter
  • Cleaning Tool with ear hooks


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