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The Lime Ears Pneuma Earphones  – 5 Driver Hybrid Configuration

The Pneuma earphone was the first Lime Ears I heard and it immediately grabbed me as being a superbly balanced and amazing all round performer. The gorgeous shell exudes luxury and the shape is the perfect design to remain comfortable in your ear for hours and hours at a time. Believe me you will want it in your ears for a long period of time.

A new flagship utilising hybrid technology and an exclusive design.


  • The switch
  • Bam™ technology
  • All new, exclusive design
  • PW Audio No. 10 cable

Set contains:

  • Packaging Box
  • PW Audio No. 10 cable
  • Peli case
  • SpinFit tips set
  • Comply foam tips set
  • Cotton pouch
  • Cleaning tool
  • Warranty card


With the new Pneuma Lime Ears goal was to create an IEM to enjoy.
Thanks to the 7mm titanium dynamic driver responsible for the sub bass frequencies, low-end is more pronounced and punchy than every other Lime Ears monitor. The sparkly treble region results in a very dynamic, yet sophisticated sound signature that is very easy to listen to.
In terms of the design, they really wanted to create something inspired by sacred geometry.
Also, since it is a hybrid design using a dynamic driver we focused on the concept of dynamism. Lime Ears imagined color-shifting red to be a color of dynamism (a bit like molten lava), paired with a Seed Of Life symbol representing creation.
Having that in mind, they wanted Pneuma to look dynamic, spicy and sophisticated at the same time, pushing boundaries of design creation further than ever.


The design is inspired by sacred geometry, but tonality is a completely different approach. In comparison to their neutral and natural Aether R, Pneuma sounds more pronounced, lively and direct.
In “neutral” switch position Pneuma is quite a similar sounding iem to Aether R in terms of tonality, with more emphasis on sub bass and highs.
With the switch turned on, you’re getting all the goodness and physical punch thanks to opening the dynamic driver a bit. In this switch position Pneuma is a monster of musicality, creating a very lively and spectacular sound.


  • One titanium dynamic driver for sub-bass
  • Four balanced armature drivers
  • Four-way passive hybrid crossover
  • Switchable subwoofer dynamic driver
  • Utilizing VariBore and
  • BAM technology.


Extreme sound source separation, natural width, incomparable depth.

The Switch

Switch changes level of lowest frequencies (approx. 3-6dB<100Hz). You can also use it to make changes depending on:

  • the listening level – to make use of the Fletcher-Munson law (for lower listening levels, bass can be boosted to make it better audio)
  • the level and quality of bass in the recording (if the bass is well recorded, it can increase its strength. On the other hand, if the material is not properly mixed and lows are becoming boomy and get out of control, they can be trimmed down)
  • the external noise levels (if you are using your monitors in a noisy environment: airplane, subway, etc., where the low-end noise masks the lows, you might want to switch them up).

Weight 1.0 kg

Lime Ears





Enclosure Material



PW No.10 with 3.5mm, PW No.10 with 4.4mm, PW No.10 with 2.5mm

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Lime Ears Pneuma


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