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iFi understand the need for quality in every single component of your system.On-the-go (OTG) cables should be no exception. If fact, these actually need extra care and attention. Their very name suggests they will suffer more wear and tear than if they were sat at home!OTG cables go between your phone and your DAC. We produce both the USB C and the micro version.They transfer the digital signal from your phone into your DAC. This connection must be stable. That’s why we use a USB 3.0 ‘A’ female connector. It is proven to be a much more mechanically reliable connection. We believe you guys deserve the best, even in the small stuff.

Length: 120mm
Weight : Micro 7.5(g)/0.02(lbs)
Type-C 8.7(g)/0.02(lbs)


iFi Audio

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iFi Audio OTG Cables


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