DHA V590

Dual DAC
Headphone/ Pre-Amp
Variable Impedance
Made in Germany

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Violectric Flagship DAC and Headphone Amplifier – DHA-V590

The DHA V590 headphone amplifier is Violectric’s latest flagship offering and is a true behemoth. Since I was first introduced to Violectric back in 2015 I have always had a soft spot for their headphone amplifiers. Their low noise and insane power was something that I had never heard from any other product and I was immediately in love with their sonic performance.

The DHA V590 is a culmination of years of research and development and technology originally used in their Niimbus headphone amplifier to produce a best in class all-in-one headphone amplifier and DAC solution. It provides advanced digital to analogue conversion processing using dual DACs and 32 Bit resampling/reclocking.

It took 2 years of Audio Concierge trading before we could confidently add a headphone amplifier of this caliber to our portfolio which covers all bases with exceptional quality. The DHA V590 can be integrated into pretty much any solution. With it’s multiple digital inputs, headphone output and also analogue outputs it can be used as a high quality pre-amplifier using either the balanced XLR or line level RCA outputs. The inputs and outputs can all be gain controlled to best suit the system that it is being introduced to.

With more and more clients switching from a commutable, portable audio solution and moving towards a more fixed setup, the DHA V590 presents one of the best headphone amplifiers for your headphones and earphones. With the exceptional high output voltage it is more than capable of getting the best from your high impedance headphones and has super high output power for very low impedance headphones too such as magnetostatic headphones. The high damping also means that difficult to drive headphones remain as unaffected as possible from variance in frequency response.

For complete comfort, the Violectric DHA V590 comes with a feature remote control able to change the input, volume, resampling, output and mute.

The DHA V590 offers:
– Remote control for input selection, resampling, volume, output and mute
– 3 x analogue stereo inputs, 2 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR
– 4 digital inputs, balanced, coaxial, optical with 24 bit and 192 kHz capability,
USB with up to 32 bits and up to 384 kHz for PCM signals, DSD 64 – 512
– 32 Bit Resampling/Reclocking with 180 dB dynamic range, modes: Off / x 1 / x 2 / x 4 / Best
– 2 x 32 bit D/A converters per channel with -112 dB THD+N and 123 dB dynamic range
– +/- 18 dB Pre-Gain for a perfect match of the DHA V590 between source and headphones
– A motorized volume control and a balance control
– 4 powerful amps offering 6400 mW Pmax into 50 Ohm and 21 V RMS into 600 Ohm
– Monitoring of the headphone output in terms of DC and overload
– Headphone path and line-out path individually selectable
– 1 x balanced headphone output with 4-pin XLR, 2 single ended outputs with 6,3 mm jack
– Line-out, 1 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR
– Adaptation of the line-out signal to the following devices in the range of +/- 18 dB
– 2 toroidal transformers, > 35,000 uF filter capacity

Technical Data:
All Data RMS unwtd., 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Pre-Gain set to 0 dB
Analogue input parameter
Inputs (stereo): 1 x XLR female, balanced, 2 x RCA, unbalanced
Max. input voltage: + 21 dBu, Input impedance: 10 kohm
Digital input parameter
Digital PCM inputs: 1 x balanced, 1 x coaxial, 1 x optical, up to 24 bit, 192 kHz
Digital USB input: PCM up to 32 bit, 384 kHz, DSD 64 – 512
Resampling / reclocking: 32 bit, up to 180 dB dynamic range
D/A converters: 32 bit dual-mono, -112 dB THD+N, 120 dB dynamic range
Line out parameter
Line outputs (stereo, analogue): 1 x XLR male, balanced, 1 x RCA unbalanced
Line-Out Gain: -18 / -12 / -6 / 0 / +6 / +12 / +18 dBr
Max. output voltage: + 21 dBu, Output impedance : 1 Ohm
Headphone amp parameter
Nominal input sensitivity: +6 dBu
Feedback gain: 0 dB unbal / +6 dB bal
PRE-GAIN: -18 / -12 / -6 / 0 / +6 / +12 / +18 dBr
Frequency range: 5 Hz … 250 kHz (- 0,5 dB)
Balance: +/- 6 dB
Output impedance: 0,15 Ohm unbal / 0,3 Ohm bal
Damping factor (Load 50 Ohm): 320 unbal / 160 bal
Dynamic range: > 131 dB (A-wtd)
Noise: < -103 dBu (A-wtd)
THD+N (1kHz/2x10V/100R = 1W) : < -102 dB / < 0,0008 %
THD+N (1kHz/2x4V/32R = 0,5W) : < -100 dB / < 0.001 %
Crosstalk: -105 dB (1 kHz) / -100 dB (15 kHz)
Headphone outputs: 1 x 4-pin XLR, 2 x 1⁄4“ (6.3 mm) jack


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 22 × 30 cm



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Violectric DHA V590

What Is Included

  • Rigid case with magnetic closing mechanism
  • 3m (9ft.) OFC cable: 1 x 6.35mm Neutrik® stereo jack 2 Lemo® connectors
  • Optional: a stand to showcase your Utopia Headphones in your space

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