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The VE5 comes with a stunning clarity, combining a neutral bass with engaging natural mids. The highs are vividly full of details, giving the whole sound an amazing openness. This earphone is a true specialist in it’s field, because its unparalleled mids are clearly the star of the show. So lively and rich, giving you control on stage and pure enjoyment as an audiophile.

Technical configuration:

4-way system — 1 x Bass – 2 x Mids – 1 x High-Mids – 1 x Highs


Vocals – Guitar


engaging vocal presentation, forward midrange sound signature

VE 5 Universal – Signature Design

The universal In-Ear features an outstanding signature design and a surprisingly good fit for an earphone that is not custom fit. Thanks to a long-time manufacturer of custom earphones, Vision Ears were able to design a universal shell which fits comfortably and safe to almost every ear.

The signature design of the VE 5 is a composition of a cyan blue shell and an all new Jade Dragon faceplate.
The material of this faceplate is from a German manufacturer who is mixing different minerals to Acrylic. During a special curing process, the material forms structures which are reminiscent of a reptile skin. An outstanding design which is worth decorating a High Class In-Ear like the VE5.

VE 5 Custom In-Ears

There is nothing more comfortable and snug fitting than a custom earphone. Due to their experience in building high quality earpieces and their fitting guarantee, you can reach out for the best without any concerns.
Create your very unique In-Ear with their configurator, you can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are – make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.

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Vision Ears




Enclosure Material



Universal Fit, Custom Fit

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Vision Ears VE5


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