HIFIMAN Supernano Diaphragm Lightweight Aluminum construction 3.5 mm headphone connectors 1.5m Cable


  Hifiman Small and Compact Titanium Diaphragm Neodymium Magnet OFC Copper Cabling Easy Connectivity


  Hifiman Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz Transmission Width Up to 150m Standby Time 110 Hours Topology Diaphragm


HIFIMAN Bluetooth Streamer
Dual R2R DAC
Dual Balanced Outputs
Expandable Storage


  Hifiman Frequency Response 5Hz-20kHz Topology Diaphragm Nano Particle Coating Aluminum Alloy Exterior

From £1,000.00

Planar Technology
Detachable Cable
Window Shade Technology
Open Design


High Quality Bluetooth
24 bit /96khz Bluetooth
Sensitivity 93.5dB


  Hifiman The World’s Smallest High-Definition Bluetooth/USB DAC Streaming Device Frequency Response 20Hz – 40kHz Signal to Noise Ratio 115+-3dB


  Hifiman Pure electrostatic power packed Modern Minimalist Design Base Voltage 550V-650V Weight 14.3 lb


  Hifiman Four Custom designed 300B Tubes Working as Direct Driving Stage Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 35lb


  Hifiman Creative specifically Use Finest Hand Matched 6SN7 Vacum Tubes Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 24lb


  Hifiman Frequency Response 7Hz - 90KHz Base Voltage 550V-650V Headset and Amplifier Combo Amplifier Weight 14.3 lb