HIFIMAN Supernano Diaphragm Lightweight Aluminum construction 3.5 mm headphone connectors 1.5m Cable


  Hifiman Small and Compact Titanium Diaphragm Neodymium Magnet OFC Copper Cabling Easy Connectivity


HIFIMAN Bluetooth Streamer
Dual R2R DAC
Dual Balanced Outputs
Expandable Storage


  Hifiman Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz Transmission Width Up to 150m Standby Time 110 Hours Topology Diaphragm

From £1,000.00

Planar Technology
Detachable Cable
Window Shade Technology
Open Design


  Hifiman The World’s Smallest High-Definition Bluetooth/USB DAC Streaming Device Frequency Response 20Hz – 40kHz Signal to Noise Ratio 115+-3dB


  Hifiman Pure electrostatic power packed Modern Minimalist Design Base Voltage 550V-650V Weight 14.3 lb


  Hifiman Four Custom designed 300B Tubes Working as Direct Driving Stage Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 35lb


  Hifiman Creative specifically Use Finest Hand Matched 6SN7 Vacum Tubes Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 24lb


  Hifiman Frequency Response 7Hz - 90KHz Base Voltage 550V-650V Headset and Amplifier Combo Amplifier Weight 14.3 lb


  Hifiman Frequency Response 7Hz-120KHz Amp Base Voltage 550V-750V Headset and Amplifier Combo Amplifier Weight 24lb


  Hifiman Shangri-La Sr Open-Back Headphones Low-Distortion Nanotech Drivers 7 Hz to 120 kHz Frequency Response Acoustically Transparent Mesh Grating