UNIQUE MELODY 12 Drivers "Dreamweaver" Design Adjustable Bass "Dual Tone" Cable


UNIQUE MELODY 16 Drivers "Dreamweaver" Design Adjustable Bass "Dual Tone" Cable

UM Maven

Utilizing techniques only made possible with the latest in 3D-printing technologies, our all-new ultra-thin titanium housing’s micro-structures creates and extremely durable shell while maintaining an incredibly light weight and intricate face plate design.


To create the Maven, Unique Melody developed new unique driver technologies in collaboration with Knowles and Sonion to create customized drivers exclusively designed for us to create the best sound possible out of our products.

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Patented丨Unique Melody – MEXT

Dynamic and Extraordinary give you an instant shock via new technique of bone conduction

MEXT, a new high-performance product, is being launched by UM after years of technical research and development. The MEXT provides revolutionary breathtaking experience with the new bone conduction technology. With the combination of dynamic, balanced armature, and OBC coil bone conduction drivers, MEXT can deliver sound through both air transmission and bone conduction,

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Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT


Inner Structure

3D Explosive View:Tri-Dynamic Design, Concise Structure, Maximum Space Utilization.

We utilized 3D printed technology for 3DT’s inner structure. In that way, we optimized the sound transition and further reduced the unwilling distortion. Each dynamic driver equipped with an independent tunnel, each driver is tuned separately and precisely with our newest tuning technique. Ultimately the sound is much more coherent,

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