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The portable audio arena is awash with many different headphones, earphones and portable players and for the consumer it has become increasingly more difficult to decipher what’s available. Between all the different styles, sounds and technologies used to achieve different goals,it makes it hard to select which would be best suited for your personal requirements. At Audio Concierge we provide an insight into many of the best technologies around. By imparting a wealth of knowledge, Audio Concierge aims to ensure that you find a portable audio solution that is as bespoke as a tailor-made suit.

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Phil has afforded me plenty of time and guidance in that time, helping me choose personal audio products, including DAC’s and headphones.

L Brindley

From high end in-ears, amps, Portable audio players and even speakers – Phil has always been incredibly knowledgeable and never pushy.

D Kent

Phil’s knowledge is extensive – he always seems to be up to date with the latest technology. He also has a gift for explaining things in layman’s terms for us “techno phobes”!

C Hawkins

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Ceramic Enclosure
8mm Planar Magnetic Driver
12mm Dynamic Driver
Coaxial Design


ORB Japan
Limited Edition
1.2 Metre
2 PIN Termination
Silver Plated Copper


Isodynamic Hybrid
Carbon Fibre Headband
Ovoid Earpad Design


Balanced Armature
10 Drivers
Ergonomic Design

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