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The story of Audio Concierge

From humble beginnings in 2018, Audio Concierge quickly expanded to become the ultimate destination for luxury, high-end portable audio solutions.

Where it all started

I was born in a leafy town in Surrey in the mid ’80’s but you probably don’t need to know that….

I’ll take you back to 2009 when I began to feel my way in the portable audio arena. During the latter part of that year – I was already part of the HiFi industry and had been for almost 8 years – I realised that high-end portable audio was going to boom and grow massively in the UK over the coming years.

September 2009 arrived and I was the first in the UK to become a headphone and portable audio specialist as I started to build Audio Sanctuary, which was then known as Custom Cable. With music and audio being my main hobby anyway it was awesome to go to work every day enjoying something I was passionate about.

We set up the UK’s first headphone bar for customers to try out some of the most exotic headphones and earphones in the UK before spending their hard earned money on them.

After this continued to grow in 2015 I was an organiser of a London based headphone show for the public called headroom™ which was held at the world renowned Metropolis Studio’s, Chiswick, London.

Also in 2015 I began to distribute a range of headphones and earphones in the UK that soon became critically acclaimed and I managed to grow their presence not just in the UK, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Whilst continuing to enjoy every moment of helping clients enjoy more from their music, I was exceptionally lucky to have helped a number of companies with their industrial designs, the sound tuning of their headphones and earphones and also help with the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) of their portable players.

Fast forward to 2018 and I set up Audio Concierge to deliver a smaller more dedicated and exclusive collection of headphones, earphones and portable audio products. My hope is to help find a bespoke solution for anyone wanting to enhance their personal audio system. After nearly 16 years listening to peoples requirements, I quickly learnt that no ears are the same. Everyone hears differently and listens to different music, from classical to jazz and drum ‘n’ bass to rock. With all personal audio, all of the different technologies used provides different sound qualities that may or may not suit your listening preference, I can help you get the solution that fits your listening preferences.


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Many clients are not aware of the role synergy plays between portable players and on the back of reviews may purchase two components that although singularly are incredible in their own right, together they just don’t “gel”. I hope that with my experience I can advise on the best option to pair with your existing equipment or provide a complete system that fits your remit.

My carefully selected portfolio adopts a very simple philosophy that no two products give the same sound and all must offer something a little bit “special”

Please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp with the little black logo on your screen (if on a mobile phone), call or email me for any help that you may require. I will do my very best to advise as well as I can to provide you with a solution that works for you.

Phil Wannell
Founder / CEO

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