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I initially heard Vision Ears for the first time around 2015. First impressions of the brand exuded high precision engineering and they are very high quality throughout. From what I experienced of Vision Ears earphones I was incredibly impressed. I am exceptionally pleased that they are now available in the UK via Audio Concierge.

The first foray into the sound quality of the brand was bestowed to me by their VE8. An incredibly luxurious looking, purple clad earphone that was so beautifully shaped it fit perfectly into my ear. It made me wonder if these were made specifically for me. Incredibly I was listening to a demonstration sample that had been made purely as a one off universal earphone. Alas I was unable to get myself a pair without going to an audiologist and getting my ear mold taken.

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Founder: Amin Karimpour / Marcel Schoenen
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The sound was exactly what I love from a high quality earphone and bang on point. It would be very easy for me to get lost with terminology that no-one else understands but the Vision Ears made me relax into the music. There was a level of refinement that you typically don’t get from common mobile phone freebies.

Fast forward to 2018 and VE announced their first ever universal earphone. Now I was able to acquire an earphone from VE without me having to go through the steps of visiting an audiologist such as Gisele at aid2hearing. I welcomed the stunning ERKoNLING earphones with open arms. When I first managed to hear these stunning looking pieces of jewellery I was astounded by the weight of the silver earpieces in my hand.

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