Patented Fluxor™ Planar Technology

I began to my journey with Audeze back in 2010 when they had introduced their 2nd and 3rd headphones into the UK with the LCD2 and LCD3.

From the get go these amazing headphones stood out from the crowd with their industrial design AND their unique sound signature. At a time when the world was full of either electrostatic or dynamic headphones, the Audeze LCD series were a completely different animal with their planar technology.

When they introduced the EL8 headphones they incorporated their patented Fluxor™ technology. This meant that the magnet strength of the driver was substantially more powerful than it had been previously and drastically enhanced the performance of their planar headphones and earphones.

They soon expanded their brand portfolio with a selection of in-ear planar products with the iSine and then their tour de force the LCD i4. These were the first single driver planar earphones on the market.

Audeze Headphones UK Authorised Partner


LCD 4z Headphones

Founder / CEO: Sankar Thiagasamudram
Founded: 2008
Wikipedia: N/A
Website: Audeze Official Site

The Audeze range was an obvious choice for Audio Concierge’s portfolio. The sound that is achieved by the various technologies incorporated within their earphones and headphones is unlike anything else currently on the market. The LCD4 is classed in our mind as a reference pedigree headphone alongside their slightly easier to power LCD4z.

Although some of their headphones are not overly portable and are on occasion a little heavy for some. The sound produced will be enlightening to most clients. Their delightfully textured bass and smooth sound will envelop you and engross you in your music.

Some of Audeze’ latest creations push the boundaries of portable acoustics even further. The incredible 2019 version of Audeze LCD-1 headphones are incredible value and also the brilliant LCD-i3 earphones provide a stunning musical showcase whilst you are on-the-go.

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