Audio Concierge are in a fortunate position where we are able to adapt quickly to the uncertainty of the economic landscape imposed on us during the COVID19 outbreak.

At this moment in time all services that we can provide are running at full capacity. All brands are currently able to provide stock to enable us to fulfill clients orders and Royal Mail and courier services are continuing. I am being updated on an almost daily basis about any distruption to delivery services from countries that my brands are based in. Some are being completely locked down and some are running skeleton staff in the warehouses.

As a matter of caution many signed for services have been adjusted to try and mitigate the further spread COVID19. This means that when you receive a signed for delivery, it will be unlikely that you will be given the styli and pad, instead you will be asked for your name and the delivery driver will sign for it in your name.

If there is any further information that arises that changes the way Audio Concierge can provide it’s services then I shall update this page as soon as possible.

We are obviously aware that many people are now in isolation around the world and music can be a great pastime whilst spending many hours at home. We will endeavor to ensure you receive your order in a prompt and timely manner and to the best of our ability.

Phil Wannell
Founder – Audio Concierge