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I began to deal with the incredible InEar way back in 2016 after I initially heard their astonishing ProPhile 8 earphone. This to me was a groundbreaking earphone offering unprecedented levels of quality I hadn’t previously come across from an earphone. The PP8 was a simple 8 driver balanced armature earphone, but the sound was far from simple. The engineers at InEar had managed to create something truly special and I was delighted to partner with them to share their creation with my clients. 

InEar kindly exhibited at the headroom show that I organised and I met the person responsible for the ProPhile 8 and I instantly had even greater respect for the product and the brand.

InEar PMX Burlwood

InEar Monitoring

SD Series – Burlwood Finish

Owner: Andreas Schmitt
Website:InEar Monitoring

InEar are continuing to innovate and produce exceptional earphones that captivate you and bring another dimension to your music. The introduction of the exquisite ProMission X, now a 10 driver offering has taken InEar to the next level and provides a different aspect to your music that the ProPhile 8 could offer.

Unlike the ProPhile 8 or PP8, the PMX doesn’t have any settings so that you can change the sound signature to your preference and that could limit PMX’s attraction to some, however the sonic signature speaks for itself. The beautifully crafted hybrid wood finish on the PMX sets it apart from the crowd of earphones currently on the market.

The greatest advantage I have from introducing InEar earphones to the portfolio is that they can be used and thoroughly enjoyed from a smartphone without the need or requirement to invest in a dedicated music player.

InEar Monitoring