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Pièce de Résistance

I began to deal with the truly unique oBravo Audio in 2015 when they initially launched their earphones to the market. At Audio Concierge they are pretty much our complete flagship partner with them offering a substantial range of products from earphones all the way through to headphones and matching, battery powered amplifiers.

oBravo is a trading name of Stymax, who have a serious pedigree in the research and development manufacture of loudspeaker technology going back to 2006.

As technology advanced they we able to miniaturise their technology and develop it into a range of earphones and headphones.

oBravo were the first brand in the world to launch an earphone with a planar magnetic tweeter and they were the first in the world to launch an earphone featuring their incredibly advanced AMT tweeter. I believe that the later produces the greatest level of detail from any headphone or earphone currently on the market.

Their flagship, best in class earphone features their 2nd generation AMTII tweeter that surpasses the 1st generation in it’s performance, guaranteeing that you are realsing the very best an earphone can possibly offer.

oBravo Ra A Flagship Earphones

oBravo Audio

Signature – Ra A Earphones

Owner: Stymax International
Founded: 2006
Website: oBravo Audio Official Site
oBravo Product Portfolio

Their Signature series consists of a range of earphones and 1 headphone currently and all of which are regarded as our top flight items. Each of the earphones features a different enclosure material for the drivers and they also have a different body material, from aluminium through to titanium and copper.

Although oBravo do have a large number of products, it is very simple to navigate around them once you know what you are looking it.

All models featuring RIB will have oBravo’s own planar tweeter paired with a neodymium driver of varying sizes. All oBravo products featuring AMT will contain oBravo’s patented AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter alongside a neodymium dynamic driver of varying sizes.

When looking at the numbers, the smaller the number the bigger the dynamic driver will be, ERIB1 will have a planar driver and bigger dynamic driver than the ERIB8.

I admit to be somewhat of a fan of oBravo earphones and they really are completely different to anything else I have heard. It is only really appreciated once you return to a standard dynamic earphone or venture back to listing to a multi BA you realise just what the oBravo earphones can do. I hear plenty of clients who play an instrument continually comment on the accurate timbre of the oBravo’s. Picking out female vocals or piano pieces is accurate and correct.As you proceed up the range you are filled with a greater fuller bodied sound as the bass becomes enhanced with the bigger sized dynamic driver.

Their headphones offer a very full bodied, large sound that can only be described as listening to a full sized set of speakers less than an inch from you ear. The fully adjustable HRIB and HAMT headphones offer the user the ability to change the tuning of the headphone to suit each individual. As you remove the back panel of the driver capsules you are greeted with a number of small holes that can be changed in size to effect the sonic signature of the headphones.

The oBravo’s certainly offer that something specal that we require here at Audio Concierge and it is great to be able to offer them as a solution for our clients,

oBravo Audio