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“PEE51 AK USB-C Dual DAC Amplifier Cable” (* hereafter PEE51) allows Astell & Kern to use “SMALL BUT, MIGHTY” as a catch copy to easily experience music with the best possible sound quality from a PC or smartphone. This is a high-resolution mobile use DAC with a newly developed and equipped compact and high-performance audio circuit chip. With mobile devices that do not have a headphone jack, you can easily enjoy music streaming, video viewing, live distribution, etc. with high-resolution and realistic sound with wired earphones and headphones. Equipped with Cirrus Logic’s Master Hi-Fi DAC CS43198, which can support native playback of high-resolution sound sources up to PCM384kHz / 32bit and DSD256 (11.2MHz / 1bit), in an L / R independent dual DAC configuration. By pairing with an independent analog amplifier, both Astell & Kern’s excellent S / N ratio, low distortion, and high output that can drive headphones with a margin are realized. It also saves power and can be used only with power from the connected device. A noise shield customized cable that is tough and durable and can block noise at the same time is used for the cable part. The housing is a full metal housing that reflects the light and shadow of Astell & Kern’s brand design concept. The PEE51 embodies the essence of the philosophy of not compromising on sound, even with the ease with which streaming services have begun to support high-quality, high-resolution sources. Experience the original dynamism and realistic sound of music intended by the artist at PEE51. 

Astell & Kern Signature Sound & Design

“PEE51 AK USB-C Dual DAC Amplifier Cable” (* hereinafter PEE51) is equipped with a newly designed audio circuit. Astell & Kern’s knowledge and outstanding audio circuit design have made it possible to create complex and highly integrated circuit chips on small 6-layer PCBs measuring 14 x 41 mm. In order to realize a small but high-performance mobile DAC, the micro resistor and tantalum capacitor made exclusively for Astell & Kern are adopted. This capacitor, which is also used in Astell & Kern players, optimizes the audio circuit to suppress power fluctuations, achieving stable operation and excellent audio performance.

High-resolution DAC dual configuration for Hi-Fi ultra-high resolution sound

Equipped with Cirrus Logic Master Hi-Fi DAC CS43198 capable of native playback up to PCM 384kHz / 32bit and DSD256 (11.2MHz / 1bit) in an L / R independent dual DAC configuration. We provide premium Hi-Fi sound for music streaming, video / live distribution viewing, and high-resolution sound source playback on PCs and smartphones. 

Compact yet powerful output, high S / N, low distortion

Designed to provide true audio performance by pairing the CS43198 dual DAC with an independent analog amplifier. It achieves both excellent S / N ratio and low distortion unique to Astell & Kern, and high output that can drive high impedance headphones at an output level of 2Vrms (no load). It provides distortion-free, live feeling and warm, clear sound as the artist intended.

Plug & play

PEE51 can be connected to the latest Android smartphones, Windows PCs, Mac PCs, etc. with the USB Type-C terminal. Since power saving is also realized at the same time, the battery is not built-in, it can be used only with the power from the connected device side, and there is no need to use another charger or charge it. The headphone jack side is compatible with 3.5mm 3-pole plugs (*).
* A 3.5mm 4-pole plug for earphones with a microphone can also be used, but it does not support in-line controllers such as microphone function and play / stop.

Noise shield customized cable

We have developed and adopted a custom-made 4-core cable that enhances the durability against disconnection as well as the sound quality. It is reinforced with aramid fiber to withstand up to 200N of tensile force. This noise shield customized cable blocks external noise by spirally winding silver-plated copper wire and copper wire around a core made of technora aramid fiber. Each cable is individually shielded to block the distortion and noise of digital and analog signals from the playback device. The silver-plated copper wire of the cable is thicker than the normal silver-plated copper wire (about 0.3 μm * usually 0.1 to 0.15 μm), and by adding a copper wire, a clear and rich sound stage is realized. 

Adopting light and shadow design concept and full metal housing

The PEE51 adopts the “light and shadow” design concept, which is the design concept of all Astell & Kern products. The design is first based on a single centerline that boldly intersects from right to left. Arrange the faces by adjusting the angle ratio so that the sharp parts of the upper four faces meet at one point. It is designed so that each surface reflects according to the movement of light. It also has a pebbly surface finish that is smooth and polished with a natural weathering effect so that you can grip it comfortably with one hand. It provides a comfortable and smooth feel when held in the hand. And like other Astell & Kern devices, it reflects durability and a solid feel with the metal weight of the full metal housing.

Precautions for product use

● PEE51 is compatible with Android smartphones and tablet PCs, Windows 10 and Mac OS PCs. iOS-based devices such as iPhone and iPad are not currently supported. On some Android devices, you may need to adjust certain settings to function properly.
● Due to hardware, software, and system limitations of any particular device supported, we do not guarantee that all features will function and be used properly.
● When you connect to your Windows PC, the device will be automatically recognized and the correct driver will be installed. You may need to install a separate USB-DAC driver to play high quality sound, but you can download it from the support page on our website.
● To play DSD and high quality PCM sound source (high resolution sound source) on your smartphone, you need to install another free / paid app that supports high resolution audio playback. Audio may be downsampled when using the smartphone’s built-in player.
● When connecting to a playback device, be sure to check the volume level before connecting earphones or headphones. On some devices, the output level may be automatically set to maximum volume when the PEE51 is connected. Listening to headphones or earphones at maximum volume may damage the headphones or earphones or impair your hearing. Be sure to check the volume level before each use.
● When connecting the PEE51 to an Astell & Kern player and using it as an external DAC, the output volume is fixed at the maximum volume setting. You cannot adjust the volume on the Astell & Kern player. Listening at maximum or loud volume can cause serious hearing damage. Astell & Kern, its affiliates and agents shall not be liable for any damage or injury due to negligence or improper use.
● Firmware updates may be released on a regular basis to improve stability. Details of the firmware update and availability of the firmware update will be announced on our website at any time.
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