A02 Audio Board

Line Out Board
N6 ii Compatible
4.4mm Balanced
Dual AK4497EQ


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If you own the incredible Cayin N6 II portable audio player then you are able to completely replace the audio motherboard with a different card in order to change the usage the player. The A02 is designed to use both the 4.4mm Pentaconn output and 3.5mm jack output.

The A02 does NOT have a headphone output, it will NOT drive headphones or

  • Shared Line-out and Pre-out (selected through pull down menu) on both 3.5mm
    single end connector and 4.4mm balanced connector;
  • The digital section is based on two AKM AK4497EQ DAC chip-sets;
  • The A02 transforms N6ii into a high quality analogue source to connect with
    portable headphone amplifiers, integrated amp or power amp, home audio
    systems and active studio monitors;
  • N6ii with A02 is probably the first portable DAP that offers dedicated high quality pre-amp output;
  • A02 offers a choice of LPF filter providing two different sound signatures to both
    Line-out and Pre-out mode.

The A02 uses dual AKM AK4497EQ DACs to provide digital conversion to the audio outputs. The A02 audio motherboard is the perfect addition to the N6ii for anyone wanting to use it as a dedicated source component into either another amplifier or directly to a pair of active speakers. The A02 board can be set to either line output for use when attached to an amplifier with a volume control, or set to Pre Output when attached to a power amplifier with no volume control. The A02 will work well in combination with the Cayin C9 amplifier and will work as a complete all in one solution.

Due to the very limited niche of the A02 audio motherboard there will only be a single batch run of 500 units worldwide.


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Cayin A02 Audio Board


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