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The beauty of the M-Scaler from Kent, UK based company Chord Electronics is that it is the icing on the cake for any audio system using a dedicated DAC. Utilising any one of the many inputs on the back of the M Scaler enables it’s advanced technology and 1 million taps to transfer any digital signal into a masterclass of musical reproduction. Connecting the M Scaler to another Chord Electronics DAC such as the DAVE, QUTEST, HUGO TT2 or Hugo2 and the upscaling of the audio is taken up to an incredible 768kHz from a 96kHz signal using their proprietary dual data system. For the ear it means that with the M Scaler in the system, the sound is portrayed with an even more relaxed and better timed presentation. Digital artifacts are reduced and audio artifacts are presented with greater awareness and realism as decay is increased across the musical landscape. Basically it’s just incredible and is required for most if not all systems with a DAC being used.

Boasting no fewer than 5 inputs, 2 coaxial, 2 optical and a galvanically isolated USB B connection, you can be sure that all your digital devices can benefit from the incredible technology in the M Scaler. Connecting up to your DAC is straight forward by using either the optical, digital BNC coaxial or dual data BNC coaxial connections at the rear of the unit.

Using the Hugo TT sized chassis makes the aluminium casework incredibly weighty and luxurious. With the black and silver version lit by Chord Electronics trademark coloured rotary balls, giving life to the M Scaler. These enable users to select between the inputs and instantly switch how much upscaling is currently being offered up. If you would rather not have the M Scaler in the system for a specific track then a pass-through mode has been incorporated with the press of a button. There is also a reduced latency mode in order to pass through audio from a video signal in the hope of reducing lip sync issues.

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Chord Electronics


United Kingdom

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235 x 40.5 x 236mm (WxHxD)

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Chord Electronics M Scaler

What Is Included

  • Hugo M Scaler
  • Remote control with batteries

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