32GB Internal Storage
Gorgeous Touchscreen
LDAC Connectivity
4.4mm | 2.5mm | 3.5mm



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Anyone that might be after a great value portable player with an amazing sound, plenty of power and a plethora of features, then the FiiO M11 fits that bill perfectly. The M11 is a solidly built music player and has a raft of features for almost any requirement, making the M11 one of the best value music players in our portfolio. FiiO have used a gold coloured volume wheel to the all-black body to add a touch of colour. The texture of the chassis has been further improved and refined compared to previous FiiO players for an even better feel. In addition to this, the volume wheel is now dust resistant for even greater durability. The thoroughly modern glass-backed design allows you to instantly make a connection with the M11 with just the palm of your hand. The glass back features PET coating and a sophisticated carbon-fibre texture.

To begin with the M11 features Android, meaning that you can easily use your favourite streaming app on it such as TIDAL or Spotify and benefit from using the offline features these apps provide.

In order to make the M11 compete sonically with other players on the market, a lot of research has been done to ensure the M11 has exceptionally good sound, especially with vocal and treble. The low-pass filter has been carefully adjusted and major improvements were made to the power supply, and key components such as resistors and capacitors have all been upgraded – resulting in the M11 reaching new levels in audio quality. FiiO’s engineers have worked tirelessly to make sure the M11 will sound great no matter which headphones you plug in.

The M11 comes with a whopping 3GB RAM of computing memory which ensures smooth multi-tasking, while there is 32 GB of built-in storage and two micro-SD card slots (each supporting up to 4TB card) means you can store thousands of lossless music files.

To ensure speed and a great user expereience FiiO chose the hexa-core Samsung Exynos 7872 SoC to power the M11. With excellent performance comparable to the Snapdragon 625 and Kirin 659, you can be sure that the M11 will output your music without fail while providing an exceptionally fluid experience.

As with most high end players above the £1000 mark at the moment, inside the M11 are two AKM AK4493 DACs reacreating your music. Compare to its AK4490 predecessor, not only has the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) been doubled, but distortion has also been reduced by 1dB for greatly improved sound quality.

Inside the M11 it also features a special custom-made OPA926 op-amp chip, which has a lower noise floor, lower distortion, and overall cleaner power compared to the AD8397 op-amp. The OPA926 is only one high-quality part out of the M11’s highly optimised audio architecture design to maximize sound quality, only achieved after constant iteration and improvement on the audio circuit.

With its support of Bluetooth 4.2, the M11 can transmit the SBC/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC Bluetooth formats as well as receive most formats including LDAC in a coming firmware update. The M11’s high-performance Bluetooth radio ensures you can transmit signals further with stronger overall signal strength, so nothing can get in your way of enjoying quality wireless music.

When set to be in Bluetooth receiver mode, the M11 transforms into a high-quality Bluetooth amplifier, with significantly better frequency response, as well as lower distortion, noise floor, and cross talk compared to typical Bluetooth solutions. On top of that, the M11 can also output any received Bluetooth signals through the coaxial output to an external DAC so you can enjoy truly divine sound over the wireless convenience of Bluetooth.

With FiiO featuring most features per buck in our portfolio you will usually see high-end portable music players now include balanced headphone outputs. However, the M11 goes one step further by including both the 2.5mm and the 4.4mm balanced outputs, as well as retaining the 3.5mm single-ended output. No need for cumbersome adapters with the M11 – simply just plug in your headphones to the right output jack! This is perfect for the oBravo Cupid as it is packaged with a 2.5mm balanced cable as standard.

With the M11’s dual-band Wi-Fi radio, you can expect better signal strength as well as faster and more stable connections – especially when using Wi-Fi on the 5GHz band to avoid interference 2.4GHz Bluetooth.

Adorning the front of the M11 is a large and colourful 5.15 inch 10-point multi-touch screen with 1440×720 resolution, giving you a more immersive experience and more space that the ACTIVO CT10 to easily execute gestures.

Nobody wants to wait for charging. That’s why FiiO have implemented the Quick Charge 2.0 and MediaTek Pump Express quick charging support on the M11, allowing it to take only 2.5 hours to full charge its large battery. And with the considerable 3800 mAh high-voltage battery, the M11 can continually play music up to 13 hours and be placed in deep sleep standby for up to whopping 50 days.

The M11 features a deeply customised version of Android 7.0 with highly optimized audio software architecture that circumvents SRC for global truly lossless audio. The FiiO Music app was designed for audiophiles by audiophiles, with both a user interface that provides easy access to your music and an exclusive decoding algorithm for highest sound quality possible.

*NOTE: Currently the Apple Music, Google Play and Google Play related services are unavailable.

Use your phone as a remote control and leave the M11 in your pocket for complete convenience. After connecting your phone and the M11 via Bluetooth with the FiiO Link functionality, you can remotely control the M11 with your phones as well as display what it’s currently playing.

*FiiO Link is currently only supported on Android devices.

Do you have so much music that you can’t even fit them onto the largest micro-SD cards? Then Simply play them through DLNA for your PC or NAS, or via AirPlay for iOS devices for the ultimate in convenience.

Send songs to the M11 directly from your computer’s browser or your smartphone, saving you the hassle of hooking up the player to your computer with a USB cable.

The M11 can support the out of a wide variety of formats through its USB connector, including DSD256, DoP/D2P, and native DSD modes. Simply connect the M11 to an external decoder, and you have a portable jukebox capable of delivering excellent sound wherever you go. Through the multifunctional coaxial output jack, you can connect to a diverse range of external speakers, amplifiers and decoders.

With the All To DSD functionality, all PCM audio signals will be converted to the DSD format during the digital-to-analogue conversion process – allowing one to experience a different yet natural and clear sound. /additionally, any sounds played through 3d party apps are also affected by the All To DSD functionality.

The M11 features an all-new 10 band dynamic EQ supporting adjustments up to plus or minus 12dB. Listen to the built-in pop, blues, classical, jazz, rock, dance, metal and vocal equalizer pre-sets options or adjust your own customised EQ settings to get your music sounding the way you want it to.

Weight 0.3 kg




Enclosure Material



5.15", 18:9/720p Muti-touch Touchscreen


Dual AKM AK4493

Continuous Playback Time

Up to 10 hours (Standard – MUSIC: FLAC, 16-bit/44kHz, Volume 75, LCD Off)

Built-in Memory


External Memory

microSD (Max 2TB) x2


Installed Android Apps. (No Google Play)

Product Weight




Google Product Name

FiiO M11

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