Mentor V3+


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About Mentor V3+


Why Carbon fiber used for V3+?

Soft:  Stretching resistance is 10 times stronger than steel

Strong:Stronger than acrylic shells, less likely to break when dropped

Inert:less expansion when exposed to heat, more corrosion resistant, better isolation to electrostatic interference


Mentor V3+:


High resolution

A lively voice

More detailed than V3, finer and more transparent at high frequencies


Mentor V3+  SPECIFICATIONS:     

Frequency response range:20Hz-30KHz

Sensitivity:@1KHz 113dB


Driver Count:12BA

Crossover:4-way crossover system

Driver Configuration:4 low+2 mid low+2 mid high+4 high


Standard Cable:A mixtures of silver, copper and other rare minerals


Upgrade Cable:UPOCC Palladium Plated Silver (PPS) and a custom EA Alloy Mix of Gold, Silver and Palladium.




Titanium Box: Matte or Shinny


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