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Patented丨Unique Melody – MEXT

Dynamic and Extraordinary give you an instant shock via new technique of bone conduction

MEXT, a new high-performance product, is being launched by UM after years of technical research and development. The MEXT provides revolutionary breathtaking experience with the new bone conduction technology. With the combination of dynamic, balanced armature, and OBC coil bone conduction drivers, MEXT can deliver sound through both air transmission and bone conduction, generate an all-round sense of space and vibration. Whether it’s single or dual sides bone conduction or the current OBC patented technology, UM is always leading in the hi-fi industry. Such techniques may be imitated, but the ultimate sound by UM cannot be surpassed.


 1 coil Original Bone Conduction, 1 Dynamic and 4 Balance Armature drivers

The MEXT is comprised of 1 coil Original Bone Conduction, 1 Dynamic and 4 Balance Armature drivers. Boasting a smooth transition and rich sound, the OBC driver can reach up to 200Hz-7000Hz in sound frequency with its sensitivity peak to @400Hz 79m·N. With assistance from the OBC driver, the MEXT’s sound packs a powerful punch and is more impactful at low frequencies. Along with the perfect performance of the combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers, the MEXT can lend itself to be exacting and precise or smooth and gentle when the music calls for it.


OBC, the original sonic wave system by UM

OBC, namely Original Bone Conduction, is known as coil bone conduction driver. From the first generation of the MEST, UM is the first audio company who applies the technology of bone conduction to high-end in ear headphones by combining air conduction with bone conduction to achieve a unique sound experience and quality.


Illustration of OBC Drivers

Consisted of high magnetic N52 neodymium magnet and high toughness vibrating steel sheet and high purity copper coil, the OBC driver is made using the technology of low-temperature welding. High quality neodymium magnet is produced by continuous debugging and sifting. The coil bone conduction driver is lightweight, wear-resistant and offers excellent conduction, indicated by its incredibly high yield rate, stability, and accuracy. UM has a keen eye for detail, so each OBC is excellently finished off.


Scientif ic ergonomic design

Deeper is the OBC driver placed inside the headphone, close to the ear bone. Giving MEXT the advantage to instantaneously sense the vibration of sound wave. Moderate in physical vibration, it’s comfortable even for long time wearing. Small in size, comfort in wearing, MEXT has an ergonomic design to make it easier to suit different types of customers.


Custom earphone cable

MEXT is paired with UM Copper M1 custom cable manufactured by PW Audio. It is soft and exquisite. The black shells of MEXT and the black shield of M1 complement each other perfectly, exuding a concise appearance. Using OFHC copper wires create a natural and smooth sound. Partnered with the instant vibration of an OBC driver, the MEXT sounds like mild, fine, and smooth.

Plugs are available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm.



Universal Fit: $1099

Custom Fit: $1399

Contact UM’s distributors or customer service for more details.



Headphone Type: Coil Bone Conduction + Dynamic +Balance Armature

Air Conduction Frequency Bandwidth: 20Hz-23kHz

Vibration Conduction Frequency Bandwidth: 200Hz-7kHz

Sensitivity of Air Conduction: 108dB @1kHz

Sensitivity of Vibration Conduction: @1kHz 5m·N   |   Peak @400Hz 79m·N

Crossover: 4-way Crossover 

Driver Counts: 6 Drivers

Impedance: 16Ω

Configuration:1 Coil OBC Driver + 1 Bass Dynamic Driver + 2 Mids BA Drivers + 2 Treble BA Drivers


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