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The VE8 sound wise is a true masterclass. Eight balanced armature drivers per side are powering this system, giving it an overall perfect symbiosis of engagement and unparalleled precision. Before the VE8, it was hard to find another earphone that can make so many people smile when listening to it for the first time. Not for nothing the VE8 won two awards and is frequently classed as reference for sound discussions in forums.

The bass of this model is slightly emphasized, giving it a very warm and emotional sound. The lows are deep in tone and overall with a very natural texture. The Mids have an extraordinary harmonic structure, giving you loads of versatile detail which makes you feel that the music comes alive. The high frequencies are crystal clear, rich of detail but overall smooth.
All this is combined with an exceptional open stereo image which is giving you outstanding precision and musicality.

VE8 – Balanced to perfection!

Technical configuration:

3-way system — 2 x Bass – 2 x Mids – 4 x Highs


Drums – Bass – Vocals – Guitar – Keys – Mix


Wide sound stage, high resolution with engaging musicality, balanced sound signature


Medium Soundstage, High Resolution, neutral sound signature

VE 8 Universal – Signature Design

The universal In-Ear features an outstanding signature design and a surprisingly good fit for an earphone that is not custom fit. Thanks to a long-time manufacturer of custom earphones, Vision Ears were able to design a universal shell which fits comfortably and safe to almost every ear.

The signature design of the VE 8 is a composition of a green transparent shell and the all new Northern Lights faceplate. The look of this faceplate is a breath-taking eye-catcher. The material is made of multiple polymer layers which change colour depending on the angle of view. The manufacturer of this patented material has developed this difficult manufacturing process over years and has already won two awards for this outstanding material design. A spectacular play of colours emblazes our legendary VE 8.

VE 8 Custom In-Ears

There is nothing more comfortable and snug fitting than a custom earphone. Due to their experience in building high quality earpieces and their fitting guarantee, you can reach out for the best without any concerns.
Create your very unique In-Ear with their configurator, you can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are – make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.

VE 8 Universal – Custom Design

Design your own.

Ever dreamed of a custom designed universal earphone? We present this rare opportunity for you to create your own universal design by using the online configurator.
You can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are – make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.

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Universal Fit, Custom Fit, Custom Universal Fit

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