Hifiman Pure electrostatic power packed Modern Minimalist Design Base Voltage 550V-650V Weight 14.3 lb


  Hifiman Four Custom designed 300B Tubes Working as Direct Driving Stage Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 35lb


  Hifiman Creative specifically Use Finest Hand Matched 6SN7 Vacum Tubes Base Voltage 550V-750V Weight 24lb


  Hifiman Frequency Response 7Hz - 90KHz Base Voltage 550V-650V Headset and Amplifier Combo Amplifier Weight 14.3 lb


  Hifiman Frequency Response 7Hz-120KHz Amp Base Voltage 550V-750V Headset and Amplifier Combo Amplifier Weight 24lb


  Hifiman Shangri-La Sr Open-Back Headphones Low-Distortion Nanotech Drivers 7 Hz to 120 kHz Frequency Response Acoustically Transparent Mesh Grating