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There’s a number of reasons to purchase different earphone cables and benefit from them

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Quality and Durabilty

Earphone cables are an important component of your audio setup, but they are often overlooked. Many people use the cables that come with their earphones, but investing in high quality cables can make a significant difference in your listening experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying high quality earphone cables.


In conclusion, investing in high quality earphone cables is a smart move for anyone who wants to improve their listening experience. Not only will you enjoy better sound quality, but you’ll also benefit from increased durability, a better fit, increased control, and a more stylish look. So, consider investing in high quality earphone cables today and start enjoying your music like never before!


Make new connections

Cables are now available with a raft of different terminations 

Reasons To Buy an Upgraded Earphone Cable

3.5mm Unbalanced

3.5mm Is the standard connection found on your mobile phones and mp3 players. These however have started to be phased out for connections offering better stability and sonic performance.

Reasons To Buy an Upgraded Earphone Cable

2.5mm / 4.4mm Balanced

The 2.5mm connection was initially a connection integrated by Astell&Kern, however it was soon apparent that it wasn’t sturdy enough and so Pentaconn in conjunction with Sony developed the gold standard 4.4mm balanced connection

Reasons To Buy an Upgraded Earphone Cable


Since Apple decided to drop the 3.5mm headphone output it bucked the trend for a number of other manufacturers. They now offer a digital output using either a lightning or USB C connection in order to connect directly to your earphones or a DAC.

Customers are lovin’ it

Customers love buying our cables for their earphones 

Reasons To Buy an Upgraded Earphone Cable

The build quality is so much better

Reasons To Buy an Upgraded Earphone Cable

Excited to upgrade my earphones, they deserve it

Loved the extra bass that the cable offered

Superb quality connections that fit my SP3000 perfectly

I’m super glad I upgraded my cables as my original ones had gone green


We supply some of the best, most exotic cables available from brands across the globe

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