Music! That’s it.

Everything that Audio Concierge revolves around is Music. I have been part of the music “reproduction” industry since I was 16 and I still enjoy it now just as much as I did back then. My aim with Audio Concierge is to go back to basics, how it was when I was 16. Over many years the industry has evolved into an entity fixated on numbers and figures. Music – although technically revolves around numbers – doesn’t require the biggest, highest number of anything in order to sound amazing. What is required is synergy.

I strive for a good sounding solution that makes my foot tap and connects me to the music being played. Often music is played back on a smartphone with the supplied earphones and although it is a good sound it is still easy to forget that the music is even playing. You begin searching Facebook and flicking on Twitter and Instagram. Soon you are lost in cyberspace and the music that you are playing is purely background noise.

The carefully selected products in our portfolio are there to try and take you back to the music. Select any one of the amazing earphones to use with your smartphone and suddenly your music should naturally begin to draw you back in. With the addition of an earphone from our portfolio the music becomes more prominent as the low parts and the loud parts become much more exaggerated.

When music was distributed in .mp3 it was a very different story and earphones and headphones were limited in their ability due to this compact but incredibly lossy format. With the advent of CD quality streaming and bigger storage space being available, the file format has changed to offer music on another level from .mp3. Your brand new smartphone is becoming incredibly powerful and much more competent at delivering astonishing sound quality. However, you will only be able to hear the capabilities of it if everything in the chain is able to reproduce it properly.

Many people are unaware of the quality available from other brands of headphones, maybe because they simply don’t have the same marketing budget as some of the bigger brands, however there really is a quantifiable difference. I guess this is the same in many industries. My aim is to be able to introduce you to these other makes and models and enable you to get back to listening to your music on the go or at home.

For those already aware of the substantial differences in higher quality headphones, then I can provide the pinnacle, the end game, the solution that you stay with for years, or you enjoy the journey and experience of gradually working your way up through the different technologies on offer, hearing all their unique attributes and individual properties.

Ultimately it’s still the ideal to have a dedicated music player to match with your earphones or a desktop amplifier for work or at home. These are purposely made to manage high quality headphones and earphones and deliver a higher standard than any smartphone currently. The benefit of having it’s storage used solely for your music rather than angry birds and all your social media apps means your phone has more space for important things like photos and it also saves your phone’s battery life meaning you can spend longer perusing Insta and Facebook.