Campfire Audio

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Exquisite Earphone Brand

Audio Concierge began a partnership with Campfire Audio in mid 2020 as they launched the incredible reference Ara earphones and the Andromeda 2020 revision.

Think of Campfire Audio as the perfect bridging earphone brand that is perfectly positioned between the consumerist Beats with true hifi quality, audiophile earphones. The American Campfire Audio brand is probably the most well known “audiophile” brand in the states and cater incredibly well to those wishing to experience stunning high end sonics, without the need to venture into the more exotic brands.

Since launch the Andromeda has become a bit of a legend and pretty much solidified Campfire’s very strong position in the industry. With the introduction of this earphone and it’s quirky shape Campfire Audio immediately showed people they meant business. The incredible holographic nature of the sound from the Andro still cannot be achieved from any other earphone I have heard and makes is stand out amongst the very crowded backdrop of earphones. Since then Campfire have grown hugely and continue to produce outstanding earphones and headphone. At the moment Audio Concierge are concentrating on their earphones and accessories, however we may look to procure their headphones in the future.

Campfire Audio Andromeda-2020

Campfire Audio

Andromeda 2020

Founder:Ken Ball
Golden:Campfire Audio
Website:Campfire Audio Official Site

Campfire Audio really are an exceptionally solid brand, producing a variety of earphones at a range of different prices. To date they have only integrated balanced armature technology, however they use what they coin as T.A.E.C which is basically shortening and lengthening the chamber from the balanced armatures to alter frequency responses and erroneous artifacts that may be present in the chamber from resonances etc.