Now this has got me a little excited and has taken me by complete surprise. I could see a rework of their Ether Flow headphones and as such they have released the 1.1 version but I was not expecting an Ether 2.

It seems that this headphone has been a complete ground up design and not a rework of any sort which in itself could be a game changer for MrSpeakers. This headphone will be their flagship at $2000 and initial impressions are really positive.

I have always been a massive fan of all MrSpeakers headphones across the board with there amazing comfort, lovely sound and superb build quality. I always found them to offer exceptional value too.

With the Ether 2 is appears that Dan has turned the Voce design into a stealth black ninja and added a planar driver to it. Using some new technology for the speaker drive unit he has managed to shave so much off the weight that the entire headphone is only 288g. Yeah 288 GRAMS. That’s light and a great benefit for those listening for extended periods of time.

With the same suspension used on the headband as the Voce headphones it means the spread of weight across the head will also be impeccable.

Their new technology driver is purported to offer greater resolution and detail than their previous variants and present an incredible amount of bass and sub bass that is not overly familiar with other headphones with the same 1 driver planar technology.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the Ether 2 and putting it to the test.