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The Groundhog+ puts an end to never-ending buzz and hum by earthing your audio system and adding resolution, bass and musicality to your music.The Groundhog+ has a variety of adapters and works with every device on the market:

RCA base cable – for any audio system with an unused RCA socket.
USB converter – for computer audio systems.
Spade converter – for power supplies with a DC barrel connector.
3.5mm Y-converter – for portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection.The Groundhog+ now works with our AC iPurifier for a dual attack on noisy power.The AC iPurifier will rid your system of electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference. The Groundhog+ comes with a banana / RCA (male cable) for grounding with the AC iPurifier to your equipment. Attach the banana connector to the AC iPurifier and the RCA connector to your amplifier.Not only have you added back the shielding provided by the Groundhog+, but you’ve also stopped outside interference as well.

RCA base cable For any audio system with an unused RCA socket
iFi audio Groundhog

USB converter For computer audio systems
iFi audio Groundhog

Spade converter For power supplies with a DC barrel connector
iFi audio Groundhog

3.5mm Y-converter For portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection
iFi audio Groundhog

Banana / RCA (male cable) For grounding with AC iPurifier to equipment
iFi audio Groundhog


iFi Audio

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iFi Audio Groundhog+


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