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Connect the iEMatch2.5 between them and your DAP for reduced background noise and hiss.Some headphones are more sensitive than others so the iEMatch2.5 has both High and Ultra sensitivity settings to boost your sound. Choose which best suits your headphone.It also provides a more open and transparent dynamic range and increases the usable volume range.This means you can increase the digital volume and get back the resolution you lose by listening at less than full volume.Rediscover the lost high-pitched note of the E-string or the low rumble of the bass drum.

Take the iEMatch2.5 with you.Pop the iEMatch2.5 into its handy velvet pouch with the included memory foam earplugs and aeroplane adapter and take it with you, wherever you go.The perfect travelling companion.

Ultra (-24dB) & High-Gain (-12dB) sensitivity adjustment
6N silver/copper matrix wiring with FINAL6063-T5 aluminium-magnesium alloy shell
Gold-plated printed circuit board with audiophile components (eg MELF resistors)
Gold-plated 2.5mm male/female connectors
Input Impedance: 16 Ohm
Output Impedance: < 2.5 Ohms (High-Sensitivity)
< 1.0 Ohms (Ultra-Sensitivity)
Weight: 12.2g
Total Length : 116mm


iFi Audio

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