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This is for a used pair of Vision Ears Erlkonig earphones number 45 out of 200 worldwide. This pair of earphones will be sent with all accessories and a brand new set of eartips. Please look carefully at the photos prior to purchasing. The reduction in price is to reflect the condition of the earphones. They have been tested to be working 100%

The ERLKONiG LE is by far one of the most exotic earphones on offer at Audio Concierge. After Vision Ears finally ran out of stock of the originsl Erlkonig, ERLKöNIG or Erlkoenig in May 2020, they announced a very limited run of a special edition version that pays homage to the original, borrowing it’s tech but packaging it in a different way. The ERLKONiG LE is likely to become a well regarded collectors edition of the incredible ERLKONiG. Details at the moment are pretty sparse on the LE version, however due to the limited run of the product we imagine it will be very popular and there will be a waiting list to get your hands on a pair of these exclusive earphones. Only 200 units will be made available worldwide making LE a very exclusive proposition. Apart from a slightly different colour scheme to the original ERLKONiG the LE will also benefit a different cable and a different selection of accessories.

Excerpt from the original ERLKONiG earphones- From the moment I laid eyes on the glorious silver finish of the enclosure it was love at first sight. With them having been precision engineered from silver, they feel solid and weighty in the hand and you expect them to be too heavy once in the ear. This is quickly put to rest once they perfectly slide into your ears. The numerous ear tips provided help to secure them and provide a decent seal to ensure that the earphones performs.

Once the earphones are securely in place they reveal an inordinate amount of detail and leave nothing hidden. I have often found that with this volume of detail it can often make bad music sound terrible, however this isn’t the case and everything remains lucid and musical.

One benefit of the ERLKöNIG earphones is that their sound signature can be easily changed. On each of the earphones is a 4 position adjustment that enables the earphones to alter their presentation. With this adjustment it enables the earphones to suit every genre of music from classical through to drum ‘n’ bass.

In order to provide an even more unique experience the ERLKöNIG has a choice of 4 exclusive, additional face plates. The ERLKöNIG really is an exceptional earphone and will give you utmost pride of ownership. This earphone is everything you would expect from German engineering.

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Vision Ears ERLKöNIG LE


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