I finally got around to doing something I have been meaning to do for a while. The reason I founded Audio Concierge in the first place was through my love for music. Admittedly my passion has increased considerably since hearing music I once knew so intimately on high quality HiFi and portable audio products. Now I am still finding things going on in my favourite music I had never come across before. I guess that’s the annoying bug some of us have.

With that in mind I have a vast selection and range of music that I like to listen to, both for enjoyment, relaxation, driving and also to test new products here at Audio Concierge.

My aim was to try and share some of this music with you, so that you can get a small insight into what I am listening to in order to gauge the products that arrive and enter the Audio Concierge portfolio.

I am hoping to eventually curate a playlist that will last you from London to New York on British Airways Flight BA173. This will be built up over time, as the list continues to get extended. I am always remembering and revisiting music that I have heard across 2 decades and as I remember them I shall be continually adding them into the mix.

Some tracks are explicit, yet most tracks are not, however this music will either grab me for it’s beat, emotion, recording quality or all of the above put together.

I have used www.tidal.com to organise the playlist, purely because I have been using them since they were WiMP and also some of the tracks are now available in MQA format which has been great to try out.

Play the Sound of Audio Concierge