Underdog of Performance and Design

Meze are a relatively unknown headphone brand, however they are quite possibly creating one of the biggest waves at the moment with their completely amazing industrial designs and levels of performance far out pacing that of it’s pricing.

Based in Baia Mare, Romania, Meze have dedicated themselves to only a relatively small number of products, the Meze 99 which is, in my opinion the best closed back headphone under £300, the Meze 11 in-ears and a tiny selection of other products including their flagship to arrive in late 2018 early 2019.

Since hearing the first Meze 99 Classic back in late 2015 I was completely blown away. Finally I had heard a product in the market at a semi sensible price that didn’t have an overwhelming and artificial bass lift and also had fantastic midrange/vocal presence. I could tell instantly that Meze were on to a winner and sure enough they began to gain a lot of traction in the UK.

After they had created the gorgeous looking real wood 99 Classic they decided upon making the 99 Neo which offered the same design, however they used black plastic earcups which managed to lower the price of the product further and created an even greater value product.

Meze 99 Classic


99 Classic Walnut/Gold

Owner: Anto Meze
Website:Meze Audio Official Site
Meze Audio Portfolio

Whereas many of the other products in the Audio Concierge portfolio have their own key signature that would be accustomed to particular ears, I believe that the products from the Meze stable would easily satisfy the majority of clients.

Their Empyrean is simply a dream to hold and to listen to, with it’s large earcups and isodynamic hybrid array technology you have the best of every world.

Along with the Empyrean that arrived in late 2018, the Rai Penta in ear was also launched around the same time and carries with it a significant upgrade to the in-ears currently in their range. The five driver earphones also aquire Meze Audio’s flagship moniker.

Meze Products

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Meze Audio
Meze Audio